Options For Effective Products For Docte Gestio

Bernard Bensaid is proven to possess been born to the month of January the 20th day of the month, in Casablanca in the year 1961. He’s regarded as a French economist a professor as well as the creator of the Docte Gestio Group which had been created in the year 1999.

The objective of this group will be to note that the group supplies of kind of direction model which offers all kinds of secure customer base, so the customer’s needs and requirements can be the businesses top priority while trying to develop the customer’s demands with total satisfaction. Aside from the entire progressive steps the group seeks to take up, the group also aims at making large scale communication and commercial development their main focus for another investment.

While founding DocteGestio, Bernard bensaid had in mind to ensure the complete care of the clients, The main objective if founding this group was also to make sure the businesses are being linked to the territorial and well-being institutions so as to provide the ability to link its recognition in every section while taking steps for providing service for the elderly, house for assistance, accommodation, nursing and leisure.

A group which was initiated by Bernard Bensaid, in today’s age group that was DocteGestio is known to have attained great heights through its health care divisions which are reported to have around 18,000 clients beneficiaries and, residents in more than 17 sections. This group is, in addition, marked to be a website that was very demanding as you’ll find reviews that the site receives around 4,200 monthly visits and is still aiming to raise its quantity and quality of traffic in the year 2017.

He also moved on with residencies and hotel managements in the year 2005 and later on started in medico- sanitary and social sectors. Bernard Bensaid has seen many great accomplishments and is being greatly admired by many with the record of his DocteGestio Group operating about 93 resorts, homes, nine care and about 53 medico-social institutes.